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With regard to the mode of destroying the traffic in liquor in the several villages and cities, it has been substantially the same everywhere.

1. Preparatory prayer in the closet and church, in some instances lasting for two of three weeks, before any effort was made openly by the women to persuade men to quit the business.

2. Circulating the personal pledge of total abstinence; also, for druggists, grocers, real estate owners, lawyers, and physicians.

3. Going out in small companies of two or three, and quietly conversing with dealers, with or without prayer.

4. Increasing the party to five or ten, and praying either vocally or silently in each place visited.

5. Visiting in large bodies daily the several saloons in the town and singing and praying in them, or, if refused access, in front on the pavement or in the street.

In many place in Ohio guards have been assigned to watch the saloons when not invested by the praying-band. These ladies usually took down names of visitors, and sometimes exhorted and plead with them to sign the pledge. This last course was a very unpopular one the saloon keepers.


The following pledges, with slight verbal variations, have been used in the campaign:

Citizens’ Pledge

We, the undersigned, severally pledge ourselves, upon our integrity and honor, to abstain from the use as a beverage of all spirituous liquors, wine, beer, and ale; and that we will not give away or offer in any way the same to others to be so used, or use the same in cooking of for table purposes.

Property-Holders’ Pledge

We, the undersigned property-holders, pledge ourselves not to let or lease our premises (or  premises for which we are agents) in this city or permit them to be used or occupied, for the sale or dispensing in any way of spirituous liquors, wine, beer, or ale.

Dealers’ Pledge

We hereby severally pledge ourselves not to sell, furnish, or give away or allow to be sold or given away by any agent or employee of ours, either by retail or wholesale, any spirituous liquors, wine, beer, or ale.

Physicians’ Pledge

We, the undersigned, upon our honor as professional me, promise here-by not to prescribe the use of spirituous liquors, wine, beer, or ale, only in case of absolute necessity.

Druggist’s Pledge

We, the undersigned druggists, hereby pledge ourselves, upon our honor as business men, that from this date we will under no circumstances sell or give away, or allow to be sold or given away by any of our agents or employees, any alcoholic or intoxicating liquors, wine, beer, or ale, except upon the prescription of a reputable practicing physician, said prescription to be filled but once.

Grocers’ Pledge

We, the undersigned grocers, do hereby promise and agree that we will not hereafter sell, or allow to be sold in our stores, intoxicating liquor to any person; and that we will heartily, and in good faith, perform this obligation.


The Woman’s Temperance Movement, by Rev. W.C. Steel (New York, 1874)

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