St. Nicholas Christmas Ornament – from 1 sheet of paper

You just have to hop over to Wings of Whimsy. The blogger, Gunnvor Karita, has the cutest Christmas storybook ornament up today. The original post a couple days ago was a set of adorable tags that screamed “ornament” to me. I commented. …. and today it is an ornament. Love it!
The blog if filled with the most beautiful artwork and project possibilities.

Wings of Whimsy

I loved Anna’s idea on Tuesday, of making the Victorian St. Nicholas book pages into a small ornament! So much so, that I jumped to the task last night, and kept at it way past my bed time… 😛

Here it is, my tiny St. Nicholas Christmas Ornament book, made out of 1 sheet of paper, ready for you to download and make your own:

Wings of Whimsy: St. Nicholas Ornament Book - free for personal use #printable #ephemera #victorian

Print, score, cut, fold and glue, and then add some pretty scrap paper as a book cover. I have adjusted the pages so you can also choose to cut away page 16, and tuck page 1 under page 15, for a complete ornament book without extra cover 😀

In case you have not made any of these 1 sheet-of-paper-books before, I’ve also drawn up the assembly instructions. If you are wondering how to do this, you can test print the assembly instruction sheet, and use…

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  1. What a lovely blog she has! Thanks for the link.

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