Geneseo Antique Show (pt3)

This segment turns out to be about some containers I saw.

There were several spice containers in beautiful condition. The patina on this one just glowed.


This tin spice box has a space for the nutmeg grater in the lid. I should have taken a photo of the nice painting on the front.


We’ve been picking up painted tin boxes (toleware) lately. So, of course this little box caught my eye. It was so small, not even 5″.


There were only a few band or pasteboard boxes. This pair was incredible. They were also huge. From memory, I would say they were each at least 15″ wide and 12″ tall. How can these not spur one to want to paint their own?


This box was much smaller, possibly 8″ across. The photo of the side didn’t come out. There are figures all around the sides.


This last image I took because I want to look this up. Too curious.


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  1. Thank Micaila. I’m glad you looked since I haven’t had a chance to yet. There is some great information in this.

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