Geneseo Antique Show (pt1)

The past couple weeks have been rather millinery light. My mind has wandered to Christmas ornaments and Christmas gifts. (You’ll get to see some posts on that soon.) Also, with the weather turning cold, I’ve been nesting, which means organizing. (How my poor husband hates my organizing because that also means cleaning and sorting.) In addition to this transition of focus, I’ve had this ridiculous coughing cold that makes focusing difficult at best. With nearly 4 solid weeks of feeling miserable, this weekend I had a little bit more energy to actually do things. Granted, the plans for the weekend didn’t really go as planned, starting with sleeping through the performance of Little Women at school.

After that extended nap and a decent night’s sleep, we went to the Geneseo Antique Show Saturday morning. This year, there was an abundance of crocks and wooden bowls. I took oodles of photos for mom and to share. (I’m going to split these up into a couple posts.)

This is a crock I hadn’t seen in person before. It is a cake crock. At first glance, my thoughts were “no? really?”. Then I remembered the price listings in the book I gave mom for Christmas last year. Those had cake crocks. This was very neat. I would say this is between 10″ and 12″ across.


I wish this photo hadn’t come out blurry. It was a difficult angle to shot with so many people around. It has a CW era date on it, which we can not see. 😦 When I saw this, I thought it would be good for the Commemorative & Memorial Project. (If anyone is particularly good at pen and ink, this is a good option. Maybe Lily?)


This next piece just fascinated me. It is a complete, or nearly complete salesman’s sample case. Or, atleast that is how the dealer explains it. I loved it both for what it was and the ideas for other displays that popped into my head. Each piece is numbered. I would have loved to read what each numbered item was in the words of the salesman. Number 1 is in the upper right corner, with numbers one through five being marked on a piece of wood or spool and a fiber. The numbers then proceed top to bottom, right to left. Okay, technically, I took the photo from the side. So, if shown from the front the numbers would proceed left to right, top to bottom.

The ideas this case sparks makes me want to find a similarly sized case. I am envisioning a millinery materials display with neatly rolled/coiled and numbered pieces inside. This could include structural materials and decorative materials. Hmmm, maybe two cases; one for structural and one for decorative. I would want to show the different types of ribbons as well as the silk. Those could take up a lot of space. It would bee so convenient to have such display cases together for talking with guests.



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