The Usefulness of a Jacket – Godey’s 1858

For my first “reblog”, a little bit on coats/jackets as I’m quite a bit chilly tonight.

If I Had My Own Blue Box:

This is a clip from Godey’s, 1858, I had in my “Distracting Odds and End” folder. It simultaneously speaks of the commonness of a shawl and the usefulness of a jacket.

 Hints on Jackets – When to Wear Them by Mrs. Damas Few things that we wear are, in my opinion, more comfortable than a jacket. There are various sorts, morning and evening- jackets, for young and old; but what I would first wish to call attention to is a comfortable jacket, one that can be worn at any time, the first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night. Mothers of families would do well to have such a one. It is a common practice with many to draw on a shawl; and, as this is generally done in a hurry, it rarely covers the chest, and requires one arm to hold it on. The jackets I…

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