Mom, Swimming in Blue

With being under the weather and the weather being heavy, this was not my favorite Ag Fair. Though, I did realize I entered my first Ag Fair entry 30 years ago.
This year, Mom was swimming in blue. She did really well. I think we counted 7 blue ribbons and 1 white.


Butter was one of the categories new for Mom. She joined a dairy coop this summer, which supplied her with an ample amount of local milk. She separated the cream and fats herself. The quest for a butter churn started in May, if I remember correctly. She found a nice reproduction piece. Then she found an original bottom in nearly the identical shape. They look nice sitting next to each other in the living room. I’m not sure when or where she found her butter press. It sure is pretty. (So is the pineapple) She was worried the butter would get stuck. But, out it came.


I won’t even try to get the names of the preserves right. I really should have written them down. I know there is a pickle, corn relish and a jam that won.




Here is her pumpkin pie. She also did an English gingerbread which is very heavily molasses. I happen to love molasses. So, I enjoyed the uber-darkness of the bread.


Mom decided to enter two plants this year. The first is a scented geranium. It smells wonderful. The other is a rosemary.



I missed a photo somewhere of her 4th blue. I have no idea what that was.

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  1. Question for your mom about her butter mould. Is it wooden? What method did she use for moulding and extracting the butter? Pre-soak? No soak? Cold butter? Freshly-churned room-temp? We have yet to be able to remove a good, intact butter print from the historic wooden moulds. Contacting repro wooden butter-print carvers was of no help. They offer various ideas, but say they can’t get them out reliably either. Private email is fine too. 🙂

  2. I will find out for you. I know she was very worried about the mould.

  3. So proud for her. I just finished my first canning/pickling classes from our local Home Extension and can’t wait to do some more!

  4. Wow! She was not only very industrious, but quite good at this!

  5. I talked to mom. Her reply was rather long. Emailed you.

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