A Modern Needle-book

Tonight we have a little modern sewing tangent – A coworker has been making little coffins for her Death and Dying health class this week. When I saw those little coffins, they scream “needle-book”.

Here is version 1 of my take on a Halloween Coffin Needle-book:

il_570xN_503271529_t5zbThis fun case is made using the techniques in Fanciful Utility.The exterior is a silk I had stashed away with a bit of padding for the front. Inside, the pair of white wool needle pages are placed like a pillow at the top of the coffin, while a black wool pocket is at the bottom for a small pair of scissors. It closes with a silk ribbon. All the embroidery is cotton. il_570xN_503271549_ng9o il_570xN_503271593_o9zzI do have another sewing case version in mind as well. This would be a multi-sided case with a pillow-pincushion inside. I’ll add that to my project list.

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  1. I love these! Will the new ones with the pillow pincushion be on etsy?

  2. Thank you. Yes, I’ll put the other coffin case up on Etsy. It will take me longer to make it since it will have so many little pieces. (I really should have started it today rather than work with the uber-fussy silk I worked with.)

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