The Collar, aka “where I’m stuck”

Okay, folks…. help.
I understand the quilting the layers together part. What I don’t get is how these 4 pieces are sewn together. I figure the top two are sewn together and the bottom two are sewn together at the centers. After that, I’m just puzzled
If I had 4 of the top pieces, that would make more sense to me. But, the directions said to cut 2 and 2. (I should mention there are only little scraps left.)


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  1. I have never seen a collar like this but from what I see, the wider (top) collar pieces make up the top where it lays to the outside and closest to the neck. The plain edged are probably the underside of the collar and where it attaches to the body of the coat, I am guessing, would be where the differences lie. Usually the top part of the collar is a little deeper to allow the collar to roll to the down fold more easily. I would guess that the quilting comes after the assembly. (Having never seen this pattern but having made shawl collars on coats, I have been confused by the process myself).

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