Summer Time

As we roll into the last week of school exams, I am a bit drawn looking forward to summer. I am eagar to have sewing time, relaxing time and family time. On the flipside, I am more than a bit nervous about the teeny-tiny paychecks of summer. Money makes me crazy; not having enough for the basics makes me ill. In trying to stay optimitic and not freaked out, here is what I’m looking forward to…
– In this final week of school, I’ll finish our NB clothes & enjoy the ball.
– The following week, I’ll be fixing dear hubby’s cot, stool & chair as well as get together what he needs for his event.
– I’ll then dive into some much needed Etsy sewing. This includes a special request bonnet. (More below)
– Hopefully in early July, Derek, Heather & Bailey will visit.
– This summer has two weddings, family & friends.
– July will be the GCV event, while August will likely be a mini-even for Lily’s birthday.
– I have several projects to work on including some fair entries I have in mind.

For those who enjoy my Etsy store, I’m planning to get several goodies made & available soon. These will include:
– Straw bonnets for the 50s and 60s, plus some other eras. I have a well made straw plait that has been waiting for attention. I’m also trying to get my hands on some French plait.
– At least 2 uber-fancy sewing cases. I’ve been itching to do some fancy pieces.
– An assortment of destash once I have sewingroom cleaning time
– Some doll size millinery.  (I’d love to know which sizes you would like to see.)
– I’ll start on some winter bonnets later in the summer. (I mentally drafted another in my mind today.)

What would you think about materials kits for Fanciful Utility? I made up several for the book signing that was detoured by construction. They are just sitting in a box waiting to become sewing cases. (I’m open to other Etsy ideas/requests)

I hope everyone has a pleasant start of summer.

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