“Red Day” at GCV

Today was such a lovely day. This was the first time I’ve dressed in mid-19th century clothes for the whole day in almost a year. It felt great.
This is where I spent the day:


This cute pink building is the Dressmaker’s Shop. It has two rooms and a half story above. With the front & back doors open, the breeze was wonderful and made the day quite comfortable. This is where I sewed for the day as I talked with visitors. This green chair is almost the right height for me.


Here is me trying to get a nice photo with the mirror. It doesn’t work so well by myself with a camera phone.


Today was the first of a series of book signings the museum will have this year. (I’ll get a list to share.) The author of Stitches in Time, Elizabeth Davis signed 3 books for me. As this was the quilting project Grandma was involved with, I wanted Mom & Lily to have one. (This is the dress I was working on this week. I am thinking of adding red or pink to the inside of the self fabric trim that goes around the neck, around the sleeves, and will eventually be in circles on the skirt.)



Next time, I need to bring more sewing. I thought this pair of sewing cases would take the whole day. They were done, sans wool pages forgotten at home, by 11:30.


I have to say, after getting so sick the last few times I dressed, I was very worried about whether or not I could make it through the whole day. I think it went just fine and I felt good. The only time I felt a little funky was after back from the gallery in the afternoon sun without a parasol. So, I just have to stay out of the sun. Considering the car said it was 86 degrees at 4:30, I think this was a pretty good me test.
I am really looking forward to spending the day in the shop again. I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. (A certain someone knew it was just what I needed.) I made myself a list of things to bring next time to show and talk about with visitors.
Now, hopefully Dan and dinner will arrive soon.

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  1. The green dress looks great, Anna, and it goes perfectly with that bonnet!

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