Just a quick post to empty my brain. I managed to get home and proceed to:
– Find all of Dan’s gear for the weekend. It is all, not so neatly piled in the kitchen
– Take apart one of his carpet bags and remake into something more functional. Fyi – Long, wide, shallow framed carpet bags are not very functional.
– Find in above process, the fans I plan to remake, my neckerchiefs and a few other must haves.
– Not find my undersleeves. Where in the world did I pack those?
– Box pleat enough bias for the neckline of the dress. Attached. I’m deciding about a second row.
– Try on said dress finally only to decide the shoulder gathers need to move a half inch in and the waist ones may as well.
– put theribbons & flowers on one bonnet and the ribbon on another. Flowers are assembled for the second, but now I think I may go with the blue instead. (That also means I may want to switch the pink satin for the pink moire. But the rose flowers won’t work with the plaid ribbon the blue flowers were going to go on. I’ll think about that tomorrow. Who knows the other plaid ribbon make change everything.)

Photos are lacking because it is too late.

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