Mid-Week Progress and Ponderings

Half-way into the week, there has been a detour, progress and, of course, some ponderings. First the progress (detour included):

  • Tuesday – Assemble & attach sleeves. Put bodice & skirt together (green dress) Detour – food poisoning or food intolerance of undertermined nature
  • Wednesday – Handfinishing on bodice (green dress) – Dress finish. Well, the base of the dress is finished and a make-do collar attached. It needs something. (see below)
  • Thursday – Handfinishing on bodice (green dress). Finish hem. – (Hem done) Adding: Pull all of Dan’s clothes out of closet & dresser. Adding: Fix my cage or starch my corded petticoats.
  • Friday – pack & see Dan off. Finish bonnet to wear. (Hope ribbon arrives.)
  • Satuday – Work on NB dress as much as possible. Draft Dan’s coat & waist coat
  • Sunday – Wear green dress
  • Monday until? – Focus on NB clothes.

Now, the ponderings:

  1. I think this something for the green dress will be pleated bias cut (pinked?) self fabric along the neckline and closure, along the opening of the sleeve or angled and something, maybe circles on the bottom of the skirt. Maybe, eventually a different color silk ribbon as well. Pink?
  2. As I’ve opted for an open sleeve, I should have undersleeves. This is just the chance to wear the undersleeves entered in last fall’s Agricultural Society Fair. The sleeves I haven’t seen since said fair. Where, oh where are you my undersleeves?
  3. I have yet to put together the silver-pearl grey bonnet I intend(ed) to wear for this weekend. Part of that is that I was waiting for my favorite ribbon merchant to return. The other part is I still can’t make up my mind on the ribbon for this bonnet. I was thinking pink then green then pink… Then I saw this nifty red/black/white plaid and thought “OOooo” Of course, that would clash horribly with the green dress and just about every dress I anticipate for this year. Back up option 1 is the slate gray bonnet trimmed in burgandy; option 2 is my white sheer that may or may not still have the flowers attached.
  4. I don’t think I have the right stockings for the Netherfield Ball. Mine are cotton. I lack silk stockings. *pout* I honestly don’t think I’ll get around to getting silk stockings. Trying to be budget sensible while the want of silk calls is such a challenge. 🙂
  5. I do believe I’ve remade Dan’s current carpet bags into a bigger one for him and one for Lily or myself a dozen times in the past week. I have one fabric that will work, assuming it is in the cabinet. What are the chances I’ll stumble upon a fabulous reproduction piece of ingrain carpet in an uber-clean state at a yardsale for ridiculously cheap?

Dresses always look so blaaa on the hanger. Once the detour is finally back on track, I can put my corset on & try this on.

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  1. If it offers any comfort, I think cotton stockings will be perfectly fine for the ball! 🙂 The only silk stockings I wear to balls are my American Duchess ones if they go with my dress, otherwise I wear modern knee high cotton/blend ones. They work very well for me and are super easy to wash.


  2. Quinn, you are a dear. Thank you. I do feel better now.

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