Green Dress Progress

As almost all of my other dresses have a name, this poor green dress needs a name. Nothing has come to me yet. As I have a rather looming deadline and lots of odds and ends popping up, I’m trying to keep myself on track. Taking a look at the plan I set last week, this is where I am at:

  • Wednesday – Assemble green skirt (make Dan’s book if possible) Skirt assembled, set, hem faced at 10 pm. :) Didn’t get to Dan’s book :(
  • Thursday – Cut out green bodice and NB bodice.  Cut out Green bodice & NB bodice. Assembled green bodice.
  • Friday/Sat/Sun – Get Dan to stand still so I can drape his coat and waist coat. Cut bias. Do what hand work I can. I managed to get some of the handwork done on the bodice as Dan fell asleep Friday evening. The gathers at the waist were shifted out while the gathers at the neckline were shifted in. This is dead opposite of what I normally do. So, this may or may not stay as is. I did not get Dan to stand for draping. It seems like every minute of the weekend was full. I did however, get his book made. It does not look like what I had pictured in my head. He likes it though. I broke a few needles and bent another. Not the easiest leather to work with. (The little bags he wants may have to be done by machine with the walking foot.)
  • Monday – Assemble green bodice. Decide on sleeves. – I decided to go with a one piece, open sleeve with a hint of curve, set on the bias. These are now in place. I do find it easier and neater to set sleeves by hand. This is good since sewing the leather last night threw the tension off again on the Bernina. I have to Not sew leather or carpet on that machine ever again. These must be done by hand or maybe with the Pfaff when she’s oiled up & has some tlc. I’ll put a photo of the bodice below. While I don’t think I’ll trim it before this wekend, I also have a photo of possible placement on the sleeve. There are several trimming option floating in my head. I still haven’t draped Dan. It turns out the random piece of muslin I picked up from Bits & Pieces turns out to be a nice heavy, wide piece that will be a quild back instead of toile scraps.
  • Tuesday – Assemble & attach sleeves. Put bodice & skirt together (green dress)Adding: Pull all of Dan’s clothes out of closet & dresser.
  • Wednesday – Handfinishing on bodice (green dress) Adding: Fix my cage or starch my corded petticoats.
  • Thursday – Handfinishing on bodice (green dress). Finish hem. – (Hem done
  • Friday – pack & see Dan off. Last minute finishings. Finish bonnet to wear. (Hope ribbon arrives.)
  • Satuday – Work on NB dress as much as possible. Draft Dan’s coat & waist coat
  • Sunday – Wear green dress
  • Monday until? – Focus on NB clothes.



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  1. It looks brilliant, Anna! I hope mine looks as lovely!

  2. Thanks Melissa.
    Just so you know, I wish I hadn’t prewashed this fabric. I normally don’t. But, throwing it in the washer kept me from working on it all night last week. It has become incredibly soft. I’ll starch it when I press it. I’m one who hates pressing her dresses.

  3. Got it. I suppose I shan’t prewash mine! I usually don’t for CW dresses because I never end up laundering them anyway. Thank you for the tip!

  4. You are welcome.
    I really am kicking myself for washing this. Usually, the only fabric I consider washing is for dresses I know will get horribly dirty. That is few & far between for me. I should have all these reasons why or why not to prewash, but it truely comes down to me being too eager to jump into a project to wait for the wash.
    Do you have a plan for your’s yet?

  5. I’m definitely doing a yoked bodice, and I’m toying with the idea of doing a sweetheart yoke, like this one: But, I fear, I might chicken out and just do a straight yoke instead. I’ll knife pleat the skirt and leave it plain, since this is going to be my less formal sheer and my other purple one will be nicer.

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