Progress and Ponderings


I feel as though I am lacking in posts on my progress with pretty photos. I suppose that happens when the projects I am primarily working on are private commissions. With private commissions, the client always gets to see the piece first.


I can say I am quite happy with the shape of the straw piece I am sewing this week. I am eagerly looking forward to the next one with its unique lines. I am going to just love bringing this one to life. Some packages arrived for another commission which resulted in some squealing at both the packaging and the contents. Soooo Lovely!


Once these pieces are done, I must focus on our Netherfield Ball clothing. I have been so neglectful the last few weeks.


Along with the millinery, I’ve had a myriad of ponderings. Among these…. A) Should I list the high brim straw bonnet I initially made for myself since I have a certain fabulous something in mind? (See below) B) Rats. It is time to work on my hair rats. Should I just do the same tried-and-true size and shape pieces? What do others do with theirs’? (btw – utter shortage of said posts out there.) C) Mini-mannequin heads for mini-bonnets. I’m sure you can guess where I am going there. D) Mirrors, mirrors on the wall. Or actually, how to build a mirror I can hang on my chrome shelves. I have a few ideas involving S hooks and eye screws.

To sell or not to sell???



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