At this moment instead of “shelves, I love you” it is “shelves, ughhh, I Hate you.”
Yes, indeed. Though these shelves are simple twice the size as the kitchen shelves, these were at least ten times as difficult to put together. Ughhh.


You know that ichy sweaty point your hair gets after a marginal workout, the kind that tires you but doesn’t feel like you really did enough? Ya, that’s these shelves.
It is now sit on the floor to admire the shelves time while rehydrating and planning the “plan of attach” in terms of organizing.
Okay, I admit it. I already know exactly where on which shelf every little bit aught to go. I’m just planning out what order to move everything in.
Huh? Shelf 3 is 1″ higher on the left. That shelf hates me. That shelf is the cause of half the bruises that will appear tonight.
For my crafty friends…. I have a bunch of these black plastic rings. Should be 24 of them from the packaging. Another 24 are somewhere from the kitchen set. Any crafty ideas?


5:30 Update….
As we all know, things do not always go as planned. As in this case, best layed plans are at times best layed aside. The snag was shelf height. I kept finding the shelves were a quarter to a half inch off due to the lip on the shelve. If I moved a shelf up or down, that shelf would throw off another shelf. Even so, I do think the organizationis coming together.
Top to bottom, we have…. packing boxes (lightest stuff on the top) and bonnets. Next is bubble wrap (about a third of what I have. Oye) and gift bags. Next supply boxes that nicely fit two deep. Next totes with more supplies. I was so glad these fit 3 across. Next heavy stuff and tools.
One thing I had to laugh as was tilt. Just about everything else in the apartment tilts out away from the wall. Not this. It tilts back. Now, while this is safer, it does pose a problem. Chrome rubbingon plaster walls. Solution? Some of that bubble wrap.
Works for me.
Getting boxes up on these shelves and rearranged in the closet allowed me to do something I’ve been looking forward to. Pretty space.
This is the top of that freebie dresser from last week. I was thinking about how to get the most bonnet head space. But, I think this works. I’m picturing one of my mirrors above and my ribbon weaving to the side.
Oh, an speaking of that dresser. When I was filling it last week, I was sure I was missing some pieces, including my CW corset. Well, I found my corset and underpinnings. Now, just how many petticoats, wool petticoats and quilted petticoats actually add up to too many petticoats?
Nah, I couldn’t possibly be there yet.
Now, is resting time.

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  1. I have a similar shelving unit in my sewing room. My brother and sister in law put it together for me, and then I redid most of it the next day when I, like you, figured out better what the dimensions needed to be. Dang that lip! But now I love it.

  2. The thing that still puzzles me is the direction of that lip. On my kitchen shelves the lip is turned down. On the sewing room shelves the lip is turned up. Same manufacturer/brand.

  3. Maybe because on kitchen shelves you expect to have small things that can easily be knocked off? But you definitely don’t want an upward lip on shelves that you’ll be sliding heavy bins onto, especially if they’re not quite the right size for perfectly fitting into the shelf.

  4. That would make sense. Only thing is, they are the other way around. The kitchen shelves lip down, while the big shelves lip up.

  5. OH. That is really weird. Mine looks just like yours, but the shelves lip down. Mine’s from Home Depot.

  6. Mine are from BJs. It would have been so much easier if they were the other way around. But the corner pieces, that the uprights go through, are tapered.
    If I didn’t need the space for a hanging rack, I would be quite tempted to get another of the smaller shelves.

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