Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Thank You!

I’ve been so wrapped up in my current millinery obsession and planning for the Netherfield Ball, I nearly missed Quinn recognizing me for the Very inspiring Blogger Award. I am so very flattered. Thank you, very much Quinn. It is quite nice to know I’ve been inspiring people with my posts.  If you have not yet seen it, head over to Quinn’s blog The Quintessential Clothes Pen.

As with these awards, we have some rules….

Here are the rules: 1- Display the award and link back to the person who nominated you; 2- State seven facts about yourself; 3- Nominate 15 blogs for the award; 4- Notify the winners.

Seven things about me. Lets see. 1. I love spicy food, at time ridiculously spicy. Just this past Sunday, Dan had to open the kitchen windows because the three dozen jalapenos I was cleaning and cutting for salsa were filling the apartment with capsaicin. 2.  Similarly, I use sriracha chili sauce like most people use ketchup. 3. I lack a cat. My dear feline friend has been living with a dear human friend since we still can’t have pets. Sadness. 4. I love tea, but hate coffee. Icky. 5. I have a teeny temperature comfort window anymore. Below 60, too cold; above 70, too hot. 6. I love the smell of jasmine and lavendar and mints and rose and orange blossom.  7. I enjoy listening to thunderstorms.

There are several blogs and bloggers I find inspiring. I nominate….

  • First I would like to re-recognize Quinn’s blog. I always enjoy her detailed progress posts with all the great photos.
  • Anna in Technicolor is by another Anna, who looks at historic, vintage and modern clothing. Her posts are always a sprout of life.
  • The Pragmatic Costumer is sorta my escape into eras I will likely never do, but love to drool over.  
  • Mixing historic costuming and cosplay, In the Long Run always has an interesting project going.
  •  In my opinion, Bygone Glamour is all about depth of though and research each time she picks up a topic.
  • When the header photo itself inspires with the thought “I don’t have that one”, you know you’ve got something. Such is the case with Women, Words, and Wisdom.
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  1. Wow! Thanks for all re-recognizing me in addition to the thanks at the top! I’m so pleased. 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for the award! I’m doing a blog award post today, so I will post about this one next week. 🙂

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