Maple in the Kitchen

Okay, this post is less about what I’m up to and more about what Mom and Lily are up to. This week their kitchen will be filled with maple cooking as they get their entries ready for the “Cooking With Maple” Contest at the Genesee Country Village.  

Some of last year’s Maple baked goods recipies

This contest is part of their Maple Fest taking place last weekend and this weekend. Guest can walk through the woods to see the tapped maple tree, visit maple camp where they will learn about boiling down  turning the maple trees’ sap into syrup and sugar as well as visit with village craftsman to see how the tools, buckets, troughs are made.  There will be tastings too.

I know mom has something interesting she’ll be entering as she bought a most interesting ingredient yesterday. Of course, both mom’s and Lily’s entries are a secret  until after the contest.

EDIT : Lily won first place! Check out GCV’s Blog for photos and the winners.

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