NB Sewing Journal – Tonight’s Reading

Two books arrived to aide in the planning & sewing of Dan’s clothing. On the left, Jason Maclochlainn’s The Victorian Tailor arrived via the postal man. On the right, Norah Waugh’s The Cut of Men’s Clothes arrived via interlibrary loan.


The latter seems to be a nice summary of three centuries. It looks like it will give me an over view of the progression/evolution of men’s clothing. I see one diagram of a dress coat from the 1820s that may or may not b of use. The other diagrams are later.
The first book at first look, looks to be a pleasing purchase. Flipping through though, this is definitally an “Oh, wow!” Book. I am so glad I bought it. If it isn’t the strongest choice for this project, it will be very helpful alongside DeVeer’s for a mid-century civilian outfit for Dan. (I’m picturing a linen sacque or frock.) I don’t know if I’m more excited by his decade by decade breakdown of garments or the explaination of the stitches of a tailor and contruction. I am going to Love this book!

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