“Two Heads…..”

How much fluff can there be in one person’s head?
I now know the answer….. A full bag.

With my recent revival in millinery fascination, it is time for new model heads. (Okay, the part where I can’t get to my bonnet stands from Dad, nudged this along.)

Tonight, I made a pair of red and blue striped heads to hold my bonnets. The pattern I used  by Lynn McMasters (here) was easy to follow. I used a heavier canvas weight fabric I picked up at Bits & Pieces. Good choice. Inside each is a full back of poly-fill. Really. The base is a thick piece of wood my tech friends cut for me.


These will be nice for working on my bonnets. I can pin right through the bonnet. (I do have a third cut & pieced, awaiting fill and a base.)
A few numbers to add – Just under 1 yard of 44″ fabric made 3 heads. I only paid $.60 at Bits & Pieces. Regularly, figure $5-8 with a Joann’s coupon. The wood was cut for me at no cost. The fiber-fill I also had on hand. I think it was $4.99 a bag. If bought from scratch with one of Joann’s sales and coupons, 3 heads would cost about $12.50 to $23. Not bad.


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  1. I love them! I have one polystyrene head that I despise, yours are way nicer.

  2. These were so easy. Make some. I had just under a yard of 44″ wide fabric. That was enough for 3 heads.
    (It looks like I need to fix the link.)

  3. Hi Anna!

    I am loving your fabric head forms!! I will have to think about making some for my hats to perch upon! Thank you!!


  4. What a great idea! I’m off to Joanns today for thread – and you know that’s never the only thing you buy! – I’ll be looking for some fabric to make a couple of these. I had to use my modern ‘head’ for the Sutter’s Fort Trader’s Fair last year to display slat bonnets and it looked so, so, so Modern! These will be much better!

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