Mid-Winter Millinery

I should say this is millinery worked on in the midst of winter looking forward to spring.
Here are the two other of the four bonnets I started last week during recess. Both of these are made from bits and pieces in my sewing case pile. It was such a fun challenge to try to piece the fabric together to make a bonnet. While working on these, I thought about when an original cast milliner may have tried to piece together what she had in her supply drawers to make inventory to sell, whether she was low on funds or had a delay in the delivery of materials. I also thought about the techniques a woman might have used to remake her existing bonnet(s) for the next season when she couldn’t get a new bonnet. Sadly, such remakes are likely not the ones to survive over a hundred and fifty years for us curious sorts to examine extensively.
This is the seafoam green that will be my little sister’s. I love this color. The gathering on the cane brings out the color in my opinion.



The seafoam green calls for pink, a pretty pale pink. Here are some of the flowers it will get. There needs to some additional green and maybe some white accents. I also need to get the wider ribbon either in a satin weave or a moire.


This is the fourth bonnet. I was going to do a shot brown & blue, but there wasn’t enough. So, this pearl color it was. I’m convinced the color changed as I worked, adding this silvery tone.


I’ve not yet decided what this one will get decorated with. I still need to find the rest of my ribbons.

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  1. Anna, it is lovely! Sigh.

  2. I agree-the gathering really brought out the seafoam green and the pal pink is a perfect choice for accent. Bravo! Beautiful!

  3. Both bonnets are lovely. Really, I’m not sure which one I like best. 🙂


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