A Millinery Mood

If you recall my Planning for Recess post, I started the week off thinking I would tackle a few pieces on my travel impression list. Well, as the week rolled on… it seems I as much more in a millinery mood.
Monday and Tuesday were all about getting the sewing room together. (Check out my Updates blog for before and after photos.) While there is still a long way to go, the space finally has space to move in. Yeah!  Rather excited finally to have some personal decorative items out including Grandma’s “Tip-Toeing Through the Tulips” and the quilt from my NM friends. Soon, new shelves will be purchased & in place, and my trunks, okay some of my trunks, will be moved in.
Now on to the sewing ….
After the lifting & moving, a nice simple, calming project was a must. A nice piece of silk gauze had been waiting almost a year to become a veil. This was just the relaxing, quick project I needed. (I do still have to find either the narrow silk ribbon or cord to attach it to a bonnet with.)


underneath the veil is what held my attention next. I had been thinking about bonnets the week prior. So, I was happy to find some straw to work with. This is the first straw bonnet I’ve made in years. Too many years.


I had also been thinking about a drawn bonnet. But, I had no buckram. It was time to appease a curiosity. I sized a fabric I bought while in NM. I was quite happy with how it stiffened up. It was an incredibly light weight frame. Since the silk I was going to use is too soft to give the volume I wanted, I peeked at my sewing case pieces. I happened to have enough of this slate grey silk.


I rather like how it came out. This week, it will get trimmed with this ribbon & flowers.


I have two other frames to finish up tonight. On will be a sea foam green drawn silk for Lily. The other will either be a chocolate silk or a shot brown silk or a bright sunset orange shot…. Not sure which.

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