How to Pick February Recess Projects

With a week off from work coming up, I want to put a dent in my sewing projects. The challenge? There are just so many sewing projects to do (with a good many house projects also calling for my attention.)

With this in mind, how do I go about deciding? One train of thought is choosing something new to me along with something that I know well. Another option is to choose something that must be done along with something frivolous and fun. A third option is to pick something big and something small. 

Regardless of which direction I go, there are  still quite a few options to choose from. If you flipped through my dress project list from earlier this week, you’ll see just how how many dresses I have on the drawing board. Toss into the mix that I have an itch for millinery lately and a list of tiny items to do. I’ve narrowed down the “I could”s to….

  • My Regency corset. After all, I need to get this done before doing any of the Regency dresses on the list. (This would count as something new to me.)
  • If I was to pick a dress from the project list to work on, I would go for the peach sheer, I think. Though, this green would really like to be made up. Or, my travel ensemble would be good to work on as well.
  • A drawn bonnet. I have some lovely silk lengths to play with. Lily needs a bonnet and I could always use more. I would really like to work with some straw, but I don’t have a clue where mine is and didn’t order any in time. (This would count as something medium-ish, and something fun.) (I happen love, love this bonnet. If I happen to discover a piece of velvet at home… )
  • A piece of winter millinery. I have a silly amount of goods for winter hoods waiting around to be made up. (A, B, C) This is something that could end up on Etsy. On the other hand, I do have a traveling hood on my list of items for the travel impression…. hmmm, this may be moving up the list.
  • A fancy headpiece – Another use for bits of silk. This could be a fun, yet calming fiddly little project.
  • A veil. I’ve had the piece of black silk gauze sitting around for quite a while waiting to be made for the travel impression.
  • Also from the travel impression, is this bonnet bag that I’ve wanted to make for years. I think the cane I picked up will work nicely.

Of course, I do have a modern sewing project to get done before the second weekend. That will hopefully go smoothly.

Now, what is your vote?


EDIT: It looks like our anniversary get-away to Gettysburg at the end of recess isn’t going to happen. *great sadness* This means I will have a couple extra sewing days and may or may not be doing that modern sewing project. As of this morning, I am leaning towards a combination of travel impresssion items – travel bonnet/hood with veil, bonnet bag and a start on the linen travel combination.

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