Taking A Closer Look – Introduction

This month the blog will focus on taking a closer look at four areas of a dress, one each week. (It will also be an adventure in posting from my new phone. So please pardon any odd text and spellings until I get used to the new keypad.) We will be looking at shoulder & armsyces, the transition from bodice to waist, lower shirt and hem shape, and collars.
Each week, we will look at close-ups of the area discussed in cdvs on Monday. Then proceed to look at how this area’s look is achieved through garment construction, layering, etc. We will also look at how those in the previous “Why This is Good” piece achieve the look in their attire.
I hope readers actively comment and add their observations. If this is a success, we can repeat with other garments and/or pieces of material culture in the future.

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