12 Homemade Gifts of Christmas – Day 7

For the seventh homemade craft, we have a quilted pocket. This type of pocket was worn under the dress and accessed through a slit in the skirt. This pocket is a quilted on which provides a pocket with some body to safetly carry what ever you need.

The first step is to piece together an 12″x9″ panel for the front of the pocket. You can use just about any arrangement that comes to mind. Though there are some traditional quilt patterns to avoid because they come after the mid-19th century. Refer to the pattern outline to help with your fabric and color placement because you will be cutting the pieced panel down.

Next –  Using this pocket pattern cut your materials including a back piece, front lining piece and batting as well as the pieced front.

Lay the front lining piece face to face with the pieced front. Sew along the straight dotted line. Cut along the solid straight line. Whip the edges if needed. Cut the batting along the dotted line. Lay the batting on top of the pieced front. Turn right side out. Quilt through the front, batting and lining as desired. Be sure to quilt around the slit opening.

Lay the front quilted panel right sides together with the back. Sew around the dotted line, a quarter inch seam allowance. Whip securely. Turn right side out.

Fold and press 1/4 inch in along the waist band. Fold in half length-wise and press. Center on the flat top of the pocket. Enclose the raw flat edges inside the waistband, sewing the band securely to the layers. Finish closing the entire waistband. Finished

You can also quilt the back as well. In this case, cut two lining pieces and two batting pieces.

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  1. Glad to see your pocket size is the same as what I have in my shop – I saw some longer ones in a museum in Lowell, MA and thought I was way off base!

  2. It is a good size.
    Did you get to see the collection of pockets I linked to FB last week?

  3. I didn’t – can you send me the link again? I’ve had some people (CWclothing Yahoo group nazis) tell me my pockets are too small so I’d like the documentation.

  4. Here you go Eileen. The pockets start on page 2. There are some great dolls here as well.

  5. oooo – pretties to look at! thank you!

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