Spring Fever

I had planned to do a “spring fever” post back when I did the cabin fever post. The thing is, I really didn’t mean to do the fever part literally only to find once it subsided that it went from winter to summer. But, alas this seems to be the case. Just a week and a half ago winter still had a foot hold. An extended delirium of a weekend passed with the flu. Then on the drive home from work, the car announced it is 80 degrees. Not exactly February weather inspiring spring fever. But, since I am sure a good many of you are feeling spring fever, lets take a look at what might help….

With the hint of spring just around the corner, we know a first event of the season will be following close behind. All to many times we wait until just before that event to get the clothes out and, gulp, try it on only to find… this is snug, that is loose or “ooops, I forgot I needed to fix that.” This year, don’t wait. Get your clothes out now. Try them on. Even if you can’t get to them now because you want to get the kids new clothes done first or you want to finish up the trim on your winter ball gown or spring cleaning is calling you. At least get the cloths out and give them a try. Write down what needs to be tweaked, mended or replaced. This way, you know what you do or don’t need to get to. Once you know where your current wardrobe stands, then you know what else you can squeeze in.

If you’ve had a particularly rough winter, think of a 19th century spring pick-me-up to work on. This could be a new bonnet, a pretty piece of jewelry, a little purse, a nice neck ribbon, or a gossamer fichu. A nice project like this gives you ‘you time’ while giving you a new pretty to great the newly refreshed spring with.

Along the lines of new, this is the perfect time of year to learn something new. Pick a topic you’ve been wondering about, something you’ve wanted to know more about or a book you’ve been meaning to read. Audiobooks are a great way to catch up on some reading while you go for your morning or evening walk or while driving to work. Just remember to share what you learn with others.

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