Cabin Fever

Listening to the calls, texts and emails of family and friends many of you have reached the point where they are sick and tired of the snow, freezing cold and ice. Despite the utter lack of what I consider to be winter here, I too am feeling that spring time itch many of us reenactors do. With that in mind, I’ll be putting together some posts to bring us from cabin fever to spring fever the reenactor’s way.

As the depths of winter are upon most of the country, now is the perfect time for those curl-up next to the fireplace type of projects. Here are some of my suggestions….

  1. Make a new set of under-pinnings. Chemises and drawers take a beating each season. This is the perfect opportunity to make a new set or  two as you need. Since I only brought one set to NM, I definitely want another. I’m giving a yoke design with a deep curved V in front a try. Nothing fancy, just comfy.
  2. Make extra sets of collars and cuffs. If you are like me having some extra collars and cuffs is very helpful. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in a rush trying to find the collar I want. Even though I used to have a small box where they lived, the one I wanted, no matter which one that was, never seemed to be in that box. Now, without specific trunks or drawers for 19th century clothes, I have an even worse time finding these.
  3. Try a challenge project. You know that project you’ve put off because it has been just a bit intimidating? That project. For me, I’m going to try my hands at gloves. I have wide hands with short fingers which result in premade gloves not fitting well. I end up shortening fingers all the time. So, now is the time for me to give making a pair a try. I am comfortable making my own pattern based on extant gloves. But, there are directions and patterns on the internet. My catch is finding the right material. I am such a tactile person, I am going to want to feel the material for these before buying.
  4. Since we are rolling into the 150th cycle, now is a good time to pick a period magazine or newspaper to get a better feel of the every-day knowledge people had.

More to come as we work towards spring…..

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