Fort Stanton Event

This past Saturday, Dan and I got dressed and attended an event at Fort Stanton here in NM. I should say we Finally got dressed and attended an event. More importantly, we finally got to dance together as husband and wife.

The event was much smaller then we are accustom to in NY. The site is a large fort begun in the 1850s and working through WWII I think. The buildings cover a very wide range of time. Most of them are arranged around a center courtyard. I like this arrangement. It allowed for a good presentation area, instructional/interpretive spaces in and infront of the buildings and a side yard for the modern food venders. The walk ways were a huge plus as well since it rained on and off most of the time we were there.

After the social, we talked with one of the local reenactors about educational oppertunities. The fort really is an ideal space for a full weekend of instructional workshops and presentations. It looks like we will be doing some of that while we are here.

I fretted all week about what I did and didn’t have with me for the event. I am usually an obsessive planner for events with a packing and a to-do list each made weeks in advance. Most everything is out and sorted, ready to be packed the weekend before. That certianly didn’t happen this time. I didn’t even try on my dress until Thursday evening. This resulted in a panic run to the W store I hate to buy fabric I couldn’t believe I was buying. Then I started sewing. It is a good thing I ended up making a cotton dress as the rain and dirt would have made a mess of primarily white plaid silk.

When Dan and I were driving, we stopped and he picked me flowers. Isn’t he sweet?

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  1. I just saw this post on my blogger feed, and was thus reminded that you are living in New Mexico now, so I have to inquire – what should I see while I’m there, in the historical line of things? Or any line, really. My boyfriend lives in Albuquerque and I’m flying in tomorrow for a visit! We’re going up to Santa Fe too. What’s worth an expedition, d’you think?

    Hope you’re doing well! Congratulations on the post-marital dancing!

    -Ava (who is practically made of nicknames; mostly called Ava these days, but still called Amie by some, and still have the username of “felicite” on The Sewing Academy!)

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