A Table

In the past year I have definitally gone through an antiqueing with-draw. Back home going to sales, auctions, antique shops and the like were almost a weekly thing for my family and friends. I have a fondness for Federal and Chippendale furniture, patent furniture, trunks and a few other things. It was easy to find such things in the western New York area. Here, with the much later American settlement, not so much. (I have the worst time phrasing that because the history here goes back quite a ways.)

So, yesterday I was driving home rather worn-out and completely over heated when I saw a yardsale sign. I sighed because I haven’t been excited by the contents of sales here enough to even stop. But then I saw this table. I did a U turn (allowed here). I looked it over curiously. I wasn’t sure about the shape of the leafs as they were rather unique. But the legs said something to me. I got the man’s number because I wanted to check with Dan before spending a good sum of money. This also gave me a chance to go home to look at the computer  (one very easy furniture dictionary) and cool down. In less then an hour I had to go back to get the table. After a change of clothes and a trip to the bank, the table was upside down in my car.

Here is my table at the yardsale:


This table has very similar legs:


My concern with this table is how dry it is. It looks and feels like it has spent quite a bit of its life in the dry desert air. I want to safely reintroduce some moisture into the wood. So, I am looking around for the best way to do that. I did find this list of articles to pick through.

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