My Publications

Nineteenth Century Shawls (e-book)          October, 2007

From Field to Fashion (booklet)                  February, 2006


Published in The Citizens’ Companion

“Looking at Looking Glasses”                 April, 2009

“Serving 19th Century Style                      March, 2009

“Keeping Warm This Winter”                 January, 2009

“Carrying Your Impression”                    December, 2009

“Folding Chairs”                                       November, 2008

“Paper Flower from Godey’s Lady’s Book”       August, 2008

“Types of Buttons” 2 parts                       June & July, 2008

“What’s Under Foot” Carpets & Rugs    April, 2008

“Doll and Ball Toy Patterns”                   March, 2008

“Shopping For Millinery”                         January, 2008

“Needle-books, Sewing-Cases and House-wives”          November, 2007

“Straw Hats”                                             August, 2007

“Social Movements Series” 10 parts       February, 2007 thru 2008

“Bonnet Ribbons: A Survey”                   April, 2007

“An Introduction to Introductions”          December, 2006

“A Study of Trunks”                                 December, 2006

“Choosing a Shawl for Your Living History Impression” October, 2006

“Wearing a Hair-Net”                              August, 2006

“Straw Bonnets”                                       June, 2006

“Shawls: An Article of Dress”                  February, 2006

“To Net or Not to Net”                             December, 2005


PDF Resources on the Mite Society Website

            “Anatomy of a Bonnet”

            “Anatomy of a Dress”

            “Books and Paper”

“Creature Comforts” (Those things that make an event more comfortable)

            “Dining and Entertaining”

            “Etiquette & Manners Resources list”

            “Event Prep Cheat Sheet”

            “Fabric Rosettes”

            “Godey’s Scissor’s Case”

            “Guidelines for Civilians”

            “Keeping Your Hands Busy”

            “Introductions to Introductions”

            “Making Ribbons”

            “Packing and Storing”

            “Small Containers”

            “Soldiers’ Aide Acquisition and Distribution”

            “Tents and Camping”

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