Fanciful Utility Anniversary – Printable

wpid-2015-08-14-10.03.46-1.jpg.jpegHere is a useful printable: Sewing needle packet labels.. These are scanned from antique packets in my collection I’ve included directions for the two ways these packets are folded as well as label and packet measurements.

Sewing Needle Labels to Print and Fill Your FanU Case

*note: These are direct scans. Some were on the packets angled.


wpid-2015-08-14-10.04.30-1.jpg.jpegEach of these packets can be made of black paper slightly lighter than writing paper and the label printed on white paper.

  • Print your labels on white printer paper. Cut them to the size indicated on the print out.
  • Cut the black paper using the dimensions accompanying each label – 3 times the width and 3 times the length. ie – if the folded packet is 1″x1.5″, cut the black paper 3″x4.5″
  • Fold the black paper in thirds lengthwise. Fold the paper in thirds width wise.
  • Looking at the placement chart and the notes with each label, glue the label in the corresponding location on the exterior. Use either a brush or small glue stick for the best control.
  • You can also cut a second piece of black paper, slightly smaller to fit inside the outer paper to help hold your needles.


Looking for your own copy of Fanciful Utility? 

Click HERE to go ESC Publishing.

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  1. Anna, thank you so much for this!!! I’m going broke trying to find “real” ones because I couldn’t find labels. This will save on my presents for Christmas! So, for the needles, you just buy modern needle and stick them into paper and wrap?

  2. You are very welcome. This is just the reason I wanted to share them.
    Do pick modern needles to wrap up inside. I added some photos of an open packet to help with that. I shy away from using the antique or vintage needles because I’ve opened some that are rusty.
    Enjoy making and gifting these.

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