This Summer’s Millinery: Shades of Blue

I found it a little funny that when it finally got truly hot here and my head was screaming at me for it, that I was working on a bonnet whose trims reminded me of blue ice. I don’t know if anyone else sees the icy in the shades of blue or not.

The bonnet has a ribbon with satin, moire and grosgrain weaves – A nice find of the client. It made for a very, very cool bavolet with the diagonal stripes. It was so very full of body, I was tempted not to line it. But, couldn’t let myself do that. Take a look at those awesome deep blue velvet flowers. These are really stunning in person. I love the wild roses.

IMG_7020 IMG_7028 IMG_7029 IMG_7036 IMG_7042

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  1. Anna, Did you cut the ribbon on the bias? If not, how did you connet the sections of ribbon for the bavolet(sp, sorry)? Judy Jett

  2. Yes, the bavolet is pieces of bias cut ribbon reconnected along the salvage. When I use ribbon for the bavolet, that is what I do. You can see it done in many originals. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts ( has a really nice example of the bavolet & ties removed from a bonnet, that shows the piecing.

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