Regency Shape


I have long loved the shape of these bonnets. I have no idea why.


You’ll notice these two have similar shapes with two very different constructions. The one with the scallops has the brim shape develop from arcs coming off the crown. The one with the black ribbon gets its brim shape with arcs that circle the brim.

I tried the first method.






I am not entirely happy with how it turned out.

I tried and tried to get that transition from the crown to the brim right with that little flare up.

The straw was determined to go straight, flat, flareless. It is a bit more like this illustration. A bit.

As a result, the crown looks like it is sitting at an odd angle. It is very tempting to try to take that crown off and re-position it. On problem. Every single one of those rows is layered into the crown. Not going to happen.

So, half a hank of Italian plait later… here it is.

??????????????????????????????? IMG_5919 ???????????????????????????????



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