When you stumble across yourself

You know those moments when you stumble across yourself on the vastness we call the web?

Lily and I some years ago. No, I am not sleeping. I’m working on sewing a sewing case. I think this was just before or just after the Sunday shower.

Here is one of those moments. Given how often I lament about not seeing the photos I hear or seeing being taken, I should be happy to see these. But, goodness, can’t I have a pleasant expression when people take photos?  (Just do not try to look at the other photos from which I took these.)

This is at a tiny local event some years ago. We attended on the invitation and encouragement of Barb, who you can see in the lower photo on the left. She has put together a nice Widows and Orphans Relief Society impression, which is a nice platform for teaching. Knowing there would be a canopy of trees, we skipped the canvas and followed the shade through the day. We really did develop a bi-hourly routine of picking up the table and inching further into the shade. As such, I started the day with my bonnet. As the day progressed, the tree took ownership of the bonnet.

From left to right, Barb, Gail, myself and someone who joined us for a short while.


For us this was a demo and teaching event. I brought sewing cases to work on. Lily demonstrated writing with pen and ink. Gail brought her drop-spindle and wool. Each demo was one that could easily become hands on to the many children in attendance. People were fascinated by Lily’s writing. Actually, there were moments when fascinated simply was not a strong enough description. Through the day others joined us with sewing projects of their own.

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