A Year in Millinery Fashion – 1864

1 White corded silk front, with puffed silk crown edged with black velvet ribbon, which is fastened inside the front of the bonnet, is carried to the centre of the crown, where it finishes in a point from which to hang clusters of grapes with foliage. Inside trimming is of tulle, scarlet velvet, and purple grapes. 1

2 Eve bonnet of puffed white tulle, with small pointed cape. The front edge of the bonnet and cape are edged with a double row of Marquerites. The same flower, mingled with tulle, foems the inside trimming. 2

3 The front of the bonnet is of quilted gray silk. The crown is soft, and of plain silk crossed with black velvet. Deep blue flowers are arranged on the lower part of the crown, and instead of the curtain are loops of ribbon and lace. The inside trimming is of tulle, black lace, and blue flowers. 3

4 Bonnet formed of rows of violine-colored ribbon, arranged in points. The outside is trimmed with a half wreath of lilies of the vally and a violine-colored feather. The inside trimming is of violine velvet and white flowers. 4

5 Reception bonnet of white royal velvet, with a short cape formed of two rows of blonde. On the outside are white camelias with scarlet velvet leaves. Inside are blonde caps, small white flowers, with coral centres and scarlet leaves. 5

White silk bonnet, with crown of Azurline blue velvet. On the edge of the bonnet is a roll which is strapped with narrow blue velvet. Inside is a very large cluster of blue daisies and grasses. Daisies and grasses are also arranged on the outside of the bonnet. 6

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  1. So what are your thoughts on the corded front in bonnet #1? I haven’t seen a corded fashion bonnet like this in “real life” so I am curious.

  2. I haven’t seen one yet either. Though, I was just reading something about braiding fabric into plait. Oh, I wish I could remember where. It got me thinking about what all could be done to stiffen fabric. With proper wiring, It could be possible to shape a light fabric corded into a fashionable shape. I’m not sure how it would hold up over time though. Figure we find sunbonnets that lay flat. A fashionable bonnet made of corded fabric wouldn’t lay/store well at all. It could crush easily.

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