“I have not seen that”….. Yet

As many of you know, I am working on a not so little project. I have been trying hard (really, really hard) to keep quiet about what I am doing and what I am finding. But, I am horrible at keeping my own secrets. I’ve slipped. I’ve hinted. I’ve nearly screamed out-loud, jumping up and down, “you’ve got to see this!”

This has very much become a project of Yet.”

In a world where we look for common construction techniques and norms in materials, it is rather exciting to be working on something where all sorts of materials and construction techniques.

I really feel as though when I say “I have not seen that yet“,  “yet” is truly a “I just might see that” or an “it wouldn’t surprise me if” or a “let me see it”, rather than a “that wasn’t common” or a “they really didn’t do that.”

How fun is this:

Cotton batting/wadding… yep
Wool batting/wadding ….yep
TBD wadding… yep
Paste-board… yep
Paper… yep
Woven straw… yep
Cotton cording… yep
Stiff paper cording… yep
Silk…. yep
Cotton… yep
Wool… yep
Fur …. yep
Beads… yep
Ribbon… yep
Drawn… yep
Gauged… yep
Gathered…. yep
Piecing… yep
Selvages… yep

Now, this said, I am one who loves patterns, trends and tendencies. I would love to chart out the years, the regions, the urban to suburban, the age of maker/sewer, and anything else I can to get an even better understanding.

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  1. Your peaking our interest! I too seems to start in one direction and one detail takes me to another…to another…to another…love the details.

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