A Year in Millinery Fashion – 1864

A white silk bonnet, with soft crown of plaid velvet. In the front is a piece of plaid velvet and a tuft of white feathers. Inside is a white tulle cap and scarlet velvet flowers. (Godey’s, October, 1864)1

                         The front is composed of black silk[]ased. The crown is soft, and made of plaid silk, so also is the cape. A bunch of variegated flowers is on the left side the inside is a ruching of white tulle, bright flowers, and grasses. (Godey’s, October, 1864)


 Bonnet for light mourning. The front is of black silk, with a fall of chenille fringe drooping over the front. The crown and cape are of white silk, trimmed with a chenille fanchon. The inside trimming is white roses, black grass, and white tulle. (Godey’s, October, 1864)


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  1. Hello Anna, would you please explain the “soft crown” on these bonnets? Thank You for your time. Janet

  2. Janet, A soft crown bonnet has a structured brim such as straw or buckram, and an unstructured crown & tip. The brim and front part of the crown covers from the front back just past the mid point of the head. From this point back the bonnet is “soft”. This can be fabric, lace or net. Some illustrations show just ribbons. This can be lined with net or a soft yet firm material. The back of the bonnet around the neckline, you’ll likely find a wire for support. The bavolet connects directly to the crown.

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