The Quilted Items….That Weren’t

If you follow me on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve heard me whine about the last Ag. Fair entry that wasn’t to be. This last item was to be something in the “Quilted Garment” by hand category.

Prior to September, I had it in my head I was going to quilt a little quilt, something in the “Household” category. When the deadline for the entry form came, I decided a quilt, no matter how small (unless it was a doll quilt), was not going to happen. I determined I would make a yet to be determined quilted garment.

I should back up and say…. If only I hadn’t done the seams in my quilted petti with a machine. 😦

At first, I figured I could make a quilted bonnet in one of the nifty different shapes I have been looking at. Quilted bonnets are fun. I enjoy them. I think what sub-consciously squashed that was that I entered quilted hoods a couple years ago. To be personally satisfied, I would need to draft a completely new pattern from an original soft bonnet for this entry. I just didn’t get that far.

A few weeks rolled by…..

A few ideas came to mind….

and were quickly forgotten…..

As of mid-day Wednesday, I had it in my head I would hurry home to draft a baby bonnet pattern and make a silk baby bonnet. After all, I have plenty of friends and family with babies in belly or recently from belly. Ah….. nope….. Staring at the silks, none said ‘baby bonnet’ to me other than the black silk which is for something else.

I officially called the last entry a ‘fail’.

(mind, I still have the second to last entry to finish)

As of this moment, mid-day the day before I have to drop them off….. I am still toying with the idea of actually pulling something off. Insane…. yeap

While warding off the potential insanity, let’s look at some of the quilted garments that were not to be… at least this year….

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  1. You are not alone, Dear Anna!! Can you share the pattern for the slippers though. Having Reynaud’s makes the feet and hands numb-cold, so nice quilted slippers would be most welcome, as would a quilted petti. I’ve given up on ever being able to be skilled enough to quilt one.

  2. The slippers are one of those things I didn’t have a pattern for. I made them with foot measurements. Let me see if I can write up directions that make sense.
    With your feet being cold sensitive, have you tried slippers made from a felted wool sweater? I made a pair that were incredibly comfy & warm. I wore right through the bottom, which I mended like a sock. The nice thing is they keep the feet warm without causing foot sweat like some synthetic slipper socks can.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Sometimes I wonder if I will get through my “hope to do” list and I think I must be the only one. So thanks!

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