A Year in Millinery Fashion – 1864

Fig. 4 is a black crinoline bonnet, with loose crown of white spotted tulle; the crown is divided from the bonnet by a shaped piece of pink silk, edged at the bottom with a narrow black velvet and a jet fringe, and having in the centre a group of white roses, rose-buds, and a few tufts of grass; the front edge of bonnet is finished by a narrow guipure lace turned back. The curtain of pink silk edged with a black velvet and jet fringe; the strings are of pink silk, and the cap is of blonde or tulle, trimmed with white roses, buds, and a few fullings of black lace. (Godey’s, August, 1864)


                         Fig. 5 is a dress bonnet, composed entirely of fullings of white tulle, those on the crown being formed into a species of boullions, divided lengthwise at intervals by small artificial pearls; at the top of front, rather towards the left side, is a group of green leaves, with a tuft of white silk or feathers; the curtain is formed of broad white lace. The strings are of white silk, and the cap is of blonde, trimmed at the top with a group of large white flowers. (Godey’s, August, 1864)


 Fig. 7 is a Leghorn bonnet; the front trimmed with a shaped piece of maize silk, plaited like a fan towards the top; at the top is a plume of maize ostrich feathers. Strings of maize silk, and blonde cap with a few roses and rose-buds. (Godey’s, August, 1864)


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