A Year in Millinery Fashion – 1864

Fig. 2 is a bonnet of white chip, with loose crown of spotted tulle; all round the upper edge of crown is a band of plaid ribbon, and on the top part of crown is a half diamond of tulle, edged with a plaid ribbon, and a chenille fringe to match the plaid. The curtain is of white lace, and has in the centre a small square of plaid ribbon, edged at the bottom and sides by chenille fringe. The strings are of white silk, and the cap is of blonde or tulle, and is trimmed with roses, rose-buds, and bluets. (Godey’s, August, 1864)


                          Fig. 3 is a Monsqueraire hat of Leghorn or white straw. Round the hat is a scarf of blue ribbon, with a large bow and long fringed ends at the back; in front is a rosette of black and white speckled feathers, surrounded by an edging of blue flowers or bluets. The brim is edged with black velvet. (Godey’s, August, 1864)


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  1. I think I am needing that Monsqueraire hat!

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