A Year in Millinery Fashion – 1864

Fig. 6 is a bonnet of Marie Stuart form. The top of the bonnet is formed of a half diamond shaped piece of Ophelia crepe, edged round with black lace; at the left side of this are three white roses and a few fuchsias of black velvet. The loose crown is of white spotted muslin, and the curtain is of Ophelia crepe. The strings, instead of starting only from the ears, pass along the front edge of bonnet; they are of white satin edged with quillings of Ophelia crepe. (Godey’s, July, 1864)


Fig. 8 is a bonnet of green crepe; at the top of crown is a group of lilac flowers. All round the front edge is a narrow garland of lilac, covered by fullings of tulle; the space between the garland and the crown is covered by narrow fullings of tulle. The curtain is partly covered by a deep white lace flounce, and the strings are of green ribbon. (Godey’s, July, 1864)


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  1. What was Ophelia crepe? Is the text referring to a color, or a type of fabric?

  2. Darline,
    I am not certain. “Ophelia crepe” doesn’t come up as a phrase in a simple Google Books search.

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