Examples of Trunks


One on the Left is pre-CW. One on the Right is post-CW

Jenny Lind TrunkDome top trunkLid compartmentswpid-2012-06-17-14.28.12.jpg wpid-2012-06-17-14.22.49.jpg wpid-2012-06-17-14.21.47.jpg wpid-2012-06-17-14.21.02.jpg

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  1. I purchased a flat top trunk at a flea market, has Denver GTM on side and Becker ideal on lock and Conrad Becker Harness and Trucks label inside on lid , it is missing one caster. Is there a source available to purchase missing parts? I plan to use it only as decoration . Sincerely Shiela Lowman

  2. Hi Shiela,
    It sounds like you found a nice trunk. Three identifying marks is impressive.
    For that caster, give Van Dykes a try. They have lots of replacement pieces for antique projects.

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