Readings for Rural Life – To Color Black

From Moore’s Rural New-Yorker in Rochester, NY

March 5th, 1864

To Color Black

Eds. Rural: – Seeing an inquiry for a recipe for coloring black, I send you mine. Take four ounces extract of logwood, put in an iron kettle over which pour ten quarts of soft water; let it boil. Stir often, take off the scum, wash the goods in soap suds, put them in the dye, let them boil about half an hour, take out, air well. Add one teaspoonful copperas, one-third do. vitriol, put in the goods, scald about 15 minutes, take out, dry, then dip in sweet milk to set the color, wash in good soap suds, iron while damp and you have as handsome black as you could desire. – From a Subscriber’s Wife.

Another – One pound of logwood; three pounds of yarn; one-fourth a pound of copperas put in three gallons of water; when it boils skim off all the scum, put in the yarn, boil one hour, let it cool sufficient to ring, cover the yarn to prevent it from drying, then boil the logwood in the same water; dip and air three times; dry before washing. – Emily Skeer.

Eds. Rural: – Having noticed in the Feb. 6th No. of the Rural an inquiry for coloring black that will not fade, mother proposes to send you hers, which she has used for a number of years, and knows to be an excellent recipe: – Take one pound of logwood chips, and half an ounce of copperas. This will color two pounds of cloth or yarn, silk or woolen. Put your logwood into sufficient quantity of soft water to cover your cloth, and place it on the stove to soak; then put your copperas into a similar quantity of water; stir till dissolved; then put in your cloth and let it simmer for an hour; take out and hang out to dry. When dry, rinse through two or three waters, and put into the dye. Let it boil very slowly for an hour, then dry and rinse, and you have a black that will neither crock nor fade. It must be stirred frequently while in both copperas water and the dye, to prevent its spotting. – A Rural Reader, Milan, Ohio, 1864.


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