Readings for Rural Life – How to make an omlette

From Moore’s Rural New-Yorker in Rochester, NY

(Given my newer found liking of omelets, I was delighted to see them show up in this publication a good number of times. Granted, I like mine with whites and lots of veggies.)

February 27th, 1864

How to Make an Omelet

Seeing and inquiry from “A Young Housekeeper” how to make an “omelet,” I send mine, which I call good: Twelve eggs, well beaten; one cup of sweet cream, and a little salt. Butter your dish, pour in this mixture, set over a slow fire, and stir occasionally until done. – Fannie R., Pavillion, N.Y. 1864

By another correspondent: – Six eggs, well beaten, with one teaspoonful of flour, one teacupful of milk, with one teaspoonful of salt; beat this well; put the milk with the eggs just before you put it in to fry. You must have some melted butter, just enough to fry it in. Run a knife under the edge as it is beginning to fry. – E.M., Wayne, N.Y., 1864.


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