A Year in Millinery Fashion – 1864

A French Hat of Black
Velvet, from Mrs. Cripps, 912 Canal street, New York. The velvet is laid plain
on the foundation. Directly across the front on the top, is white illusion,
covered by a fullness of black thread lace, which droops slightly over the
front. From the inside on the right, over the joining of the velvet and lace to
the left where it extends down the side, in a roll, to the cape. On the scarlet
velvet, at the top of the cape, is a flower made of black thread lace, and one
to correspond on the folds at the top of the hat. They are something entirely
new. From under the velvet, on the left side, starts a white ostrich feather,
which falls over the front. The inside has full white blonde ruche on either
side; at the top are folds of scarlet velvet and white illusion intermingled;
on the right is a bow of white illusion, in the center of which is a bunch of
white velvet jasmines, with leaves and buds. Rich black strings.  (Peterson’s, February, 1864)


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