Looking Forward to Spring Millinery

work in progress 3

With the past few weeks of frigid cold and oppressive snow, I know a good many of us are looking forward to spring. I certainly am.

During these weeks I’ve been sewing away. I have a sampling of straw millinery pieces to offer you.

Below, you can see an 1880’s straw bonnet on the right. This little bonnet is one of my favorite later shapes because of the curves the straw does. This bonnet is made from hemp plait. It is ready for you to decorate right now. If someone doesn’t pick it up soon, I’ll pull it down and decorate it. I have some fun ideas for it.

On the left is one of two straw forms suitable for 1859 through 1864. These are whole straw plait, meaning natural straw plaited in whole strands. The one in the photo has a moderately high brim, while the other has a high brim.

In the middle and bottom left is a late 1870s through 1880s hat worked in the hemp plait. It is decorated in a crinkly brown ribbon and an arrangement of feathers. This is my first piece that I hope to step into Steampunk and Whimsy with.

On the bottom right is a fashionable 1860s straw hat for a youth (or young lady with a smaller head). I enjoy this shape quite a bit. It will be fun to decorate and wear.

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This year I plan to work with real straw in a variety of plaits and fineness. I prefer the natural body of the real straw as well as the wonderful smell it has. I have a beautiful fine French plait, a black English plait coming for mourning, an uber-fine, narrow plait for doll pieces and the classic whole straw plait. The four pieces I made this month of the hemp plait is the very last of that plait I have.

Almost forgot. Pricing for the year. 1850s-1864/5 bonnets will start at $85 for whole plait straw. Special plaits or shapes will be higher. Smaller hats for the 60s through 90s will start at $75 depending on how long the shape takes. Special shapes will depend on the time needed and the cost of the plait.

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  1. Lovely work (as always!) and so neat to see headwear for different decades and age groups!

  2. Thank you. I am enjoying exploring different shapes.

  3. Anna, I would like to order one of the 1859-1864 bonnets. Please tell me how I can go about doing such. I don’t want to miss out like I did last year. Thank you.

  4. Hi Judy, Thank you for your interest. It looks like you found your way to my Etsy store while I was grocery shopping. I’ll package up you bonnet tomorrow and get it right out to you.
    Warm Regards,

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