What Fits in a Sewing Case?

2013-11-24 09.11.43-1During the past week I’ve been enjoying making these cute sewing boxes. They are based on an original French sewing box that was about twice the size. My boxes are 4″ long and 1 1/2″ deep.

With the exception of the red stripe, each box is made from one of the fabrics in my Fanciful Utility Give-Away.  If you haven’t had a chance to enter, be sure to do so. The drawing is tomorrow.

Each case can be made from a 6″ by 20″ piece of fabric. This means you can get two out of a 6″ cut of yardage or three out of a fat quarter. They are constructed over pasteboard using the same techniques  in FanU. The ribbon at the top is a half inch silk. They close with a double set of lids that fold in. The one in the top photo on the right has a little pocket. I’ve been listing them on Etsy, where they disappear very quickly.

Sewing Boxes 1 Sewing Boxes 2

I’m sure you are wondering about the post title. Well, you know how sometimes you have an idea but need a nudge to actually get it done? This is one of those ideas – Showing what actually fits in these sewing boxes or cases. The case I’ve been making is the same size as the center box in the two structured sewing cases in Fanciful Utility. You can fit quite a bit inside these cases. Take a look:

Sewing Box Filled

In this box a pair of scissors, two thread winders, a thimble, needle-case and  bodkins easily fit. There is plenty of room for wax, a pincushion, pencil, ruler, etc.

2013-11-25 18.14.47-1 ???????????????????

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  1. Absolutely beautiful and love seeing what fits inside. Thanks!

  2. I have ordered and received you book. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks! Looking forward to making some projects. I love the illustrations, details, and information in your book. Lovely!

  3. That is a really neat idea! Small enough to fit in a haversack or small purse. Please enter me in your drawing that is scheduled for tomorrow. I would greatly appreciate it.

  4. The boxes are adorable! Please enter me in your drawing. I love FanU, every time I pick it up I see something I want to try.

  5. If you haven’t already had the drawing, please enter me too! I love these little boxes!

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