Ideas, Ideas…. What Shall the Next FanU Swaps Be?

It sounds like the participants in the first set of Fanciful Utility Fabric Swaps have been enjoying the swaps. This summer and fall we did three swaps, a Cotton Swap, a Silk Swap and a Crazy Swap. The Crazy Swap is currently underway. It is so very nice to get a fun piece of fabric in the mailbox rather than the usual bills and spam. I know I get excited each time I see one of those envelops.

We’ve had a few people share their projects so far. I look forward to seeing more of the projects. So, please continue to share what you make.

You know me, my mind is always wandering and looking ahead. So, of course, I am pondering what themes to do in our next set of swaps. I think January would be a good time to begin another trio of swaps. That would give us one each in January, February and March to help us through those winter months. I’ve had a few different theme ideas floating around in my head. I would love to hear what you think; what themes you like and any theme ideas I haven’t thought of yet.

Here are a few….

First up,  the “Romantic Swap”. This would include reproduction cotton prints from the Romantic Era, 1820s through 1840s. This era is full of fun, wild even, colorful prints.

New ideas 1

Next idea has a motif I love. The “Paisley Swap” would include 19th century appropriate Paisley motifs. These could be an organized, all over print usually accomplished with a block, or Paisley’s set into a strip design. Lots of options here.New ideas 2b

Looking at a silk option, we could do a “Silk Jacquard Swap”. Oh, what delicious fabrics this could include. This would be one of the more pricey swaps for those that don’t already have a silk jacquard on hand.

New ideas 3

As I was looking through fabrics, one theme that wanted attention suggested a “Mini-Swap”. This wouldn’t be mini-fabric. This would be for mini-prints. While tiny prints weren’t usually the showcase of sewing cases, an assortment of mini-prints could make for some fun cases. Doll lovers may particularly like this swap because the scale could easily be used with the doll size sewing cases and needle-books in Fanciful Utility.

New ideas Mini

This next theme is inspired by my Grandma. While using some of her fabric pieces, I notices she had a leaf theme going on for a little while. I made my little sister a rolled case with Grandma’s leaf prints. It came out so cute, I have to consider it for a swap. Thus, the “Leaf Swap”. Now, the question is… Spring leaves or fall leaves???

New ideas Leaves

 While looking at reproduction fabrics and original swatch books, a “Geometric Swap” stood out. I don’t think many of us think about geometrics showing up in prints from the 19th century. This could be a good way to look at them. New ideas Geometric   I had been thinking about a “Patriotic Swap” or a “Centennial Swap”. I have to admit now… that one is hard. I need to know what you think about this one. New ideas Patriotic

An idea stuck in the “I wonder” stage is Toiles. These don’t show up much in sewing cases of the mid-century. They would look so very cool if they did. Two other challenges are the scale of most toiles and the cost. I think some of us may get frustrated with cutting the prints evenly.  New ideas Toile

Whether you have already participated in a FanU Swap or are considering joining in, I would love to hear from you on ideas for the next swaps.

If you want to pick up a copy of Fanciful Utility (or give some as gifts), hop over to to order directly from the publisher.

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  1. Love the idea of a Romantic Swap – particularly since the 1840s is my favorite era!
    I love toiles too, but they are usually too large for a needlebook, though a housewife would be possible.

  2. Romantic gets my vote, but I can see a few others I may be able to participate in. Maybe the paisley and leaves, and possibly the geometric. Now how much total yardage do I have to have for a swap?

  3. Thanks Ladies. The Romantic swap sounds like a winner.
    You just need 8 9″ squares. That works out to a half yard of 36″ or 45″ fabric.

  4. That is doable. Thanks! I was worried because when I wore my 30s dress, I realized I really needed a matching pellerine to keep the sun off my neckline during the day. I should still have enough left after that. Yay!

  5. I ditto the “Yay!”

  6. I LIKE ALL THE IDEAS, she said enthusiastically!

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