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I stumbled across a file of CDVs and other photos I forgot about. (I’ve been so focused on my Shawls CDVs for the upcoming book.) Some of these photos need to be shared and chatted about. I’ll start of with this one of a who we assume would be mom and two sons:


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  1. Based on the waistline of her dress, I’d say it was taken around 1866-1867. The little boys look quite dapper but I can almost hear the “MOM! I don’t wanna!”

    The sleeves of her dress are indicative of an older style – however it was very, very common during the 1860’s to take what you had and just restyle it. So, if you have a 30 year old dress lying around, just restyle the waistline and you’d be good to go. The sleeves are more late 1830’s/early 1840’s.

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