FanU Cotton Swap – Sewing Cases

In July, we did the very first of our Fanciful Utility  fabric swaps, the Cotton Swap. We had two groups of 8 people each, who swapped 9″ squares of mid-nineteenth century appropriate cotton fabrics. These are the fabrics we swapped:

2013-07-30 21.01.56-1

Plus these:


Some of the participants went right to work making their sewing cases. (I am remiss to say my pieces are still neatly stacked as I’ve been so focused on millinery.)

These pretty blue needle-books were made by Deborah in a sewing group that focused on making needle-books. I love the blues together.

Cotton Swap by Deborah Hyland

This pocket filled sewing case is very worthy of being called a work pocket. This is made by Eileen. Cotton Swap by Eileen Hook 1 Cotton Swap by Eileen Hook 2

Nicely done ladies. I look forward to adding more photos as more participants finish their projects.

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