How to Pack – A Carpet-bag and Travelling Reticule

Another in my drafts folder…..  From Eliza Leslie’s House Book, (Philadelphia, 1844)

CARPET BAGS – The best carpet-bags are those that are made with large gores at the sides, as they hold much more that when of two straight pieces only . It is well to have the owner’s name engraved on the lock. Articles of dress that cannot be compressed into a small compass, should not be put into a lady’s carpet bag, which should hold the flannel, linen, stockings, night-clothes, shawl, shoes, &c., that she may be likely to want during her journey; those that she will require the first night to be placed at the top, where also she should have a bag containing her comb, hair-brush, &c. For want of a bag, these things may be pinned up tightly in a towel; and she may do the same with her shoes if she has no shoe-bag.

A TRAVELLING RETICULE – A reticule for traveling may be so made, as to contain many useful articles. Get (for instance) three quarters of a yard of the thickest and best colored India silk, such as called senshaw. Divide it into two pieces, about a quarter and a half a quarter in each, but the outer piece a little deeper than the inner. Then lay them together so as to be double, and divide them into four compartments, by making three downward rows of stitching or running: when you have sewed up the side edges of the bag, you will have four divisions. Leave sufficient at the top of the inner lining for a hem; and the outside must rise a little beyond the inside and be hemmed down so as to form a case, to be drawn with ribbons, of broad silk braid. Gather the bottom of the bag, and draw it up as close as possible, so as to finish it with a tassel, or a bow of ribbon at the gathering place. This bag will be found very useful in travelling; as in the different divisions, you may carry a comb, hair-brush, tooth-brush, smelling-bottle, a cake of soup, purse, needle-book, keys, &c., so arranged, as not to interfere with each other inconveniently; leaving the space in the middle of the bag for your handkerchief, which you can take out without bringing the other things along with it. These large reticules will be found less troublesome to carry, and better in every respect than a travelling hand-basket.


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